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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
From our Photography Bug Michelle :D

All right, folks, I've been hearing, reading, and looking at lots of black and white images lately so now it's time to see yours! 

Now that we are no longer in the days of film cameras, we get to CHOOSE which images are black and white and which ones are color, which is so very different than picking up a roll of B&W film and using it for 24+ shots. So I want to encourage you to find some of your most interesting shots--or take new ones--and convert them to black and white for this challenge (hint:B&Ws work very well when they include contrast--yup, and you've got that one covered, right?  )

If you have never converted to B&W before, there are various tutorials available online to check out (you can start with this link or find more on your own--feel free to share them here!). You can also start with the "Convert to Black and White" or "Remove Color" auto functions in many of the widely available photo editing programs. (And for those who are more adventurous---yes, we'll say that sepia counts, too. So you can consider that an option for this challenge if you'd like. There are also actions available for B&W photos and sepia/chocolate photos like this one from Coffeeshop.)

Post your B&W images in the August Weekly Challenge Gallery with the title "Tuesday Photo Challenge: B&W." Can't wait to see them! 

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