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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well... JS pushed me over the edge with designing today. THANK YOU!

The challenge was all words... no template, no artwork, nothing but "design" with some VERY helpful guidlines. after staring at a blank page and trying to visualize, I just started doing... and then it flowed!

Created my own papers using a purchased one, but changed the color, overlayed 2 of them, grunge faded them into eachother, added some 'windy' flourish as an overlay... then the task of creating photos that looked like they were warped and lifting off the page... took me a bit, but then I got it! No stopping me now! LOL Then I found an old solid black star frame and border... hmmm changed the color, made a new brush to grunge it up for texture and made another for an underlay. Why stop there I thought... made my own text and masked a paper onto it.. then did text overlays for added effect. Created 'snowballs' from tags and modified them to look 3D.

I was quite proud of myself by now... but I know me... STOP I yelled at myself! I have this bad habit of putting too much. Did as I was instructed though... stayed with no more than 3 colors, create freeform shadows for 3D effect and make new brushes and use to create new papers and use papers to mask text and photos.

So the page is for my daughter Kara's Life Book, but has a lot of hidden meaning in it for me also... only a few people would catch it... but it's there. Can you find it? If you do, there's a prize to the first one who emails me the answer. gotta have a little fun thrown into our day don't we?!?!
I think I've moved over to the 'dark side' of digi as Liv says. :) And I'm LOVIN it!


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