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Friday, April 13, 2012
Happy Friday!  Sherry here - I know I said I'd see you next week but I just couldn't stay away, LOL!

Here's a photoshop trick that I wish I had known ages ago.  You probably already know that you can use the eyedropper tool to sample a color within Photoshop - for example, if you want to include a color on a part of your layout that is contained in a photo that you also have open in Photoshop, that works great.  But what if you want to sample a color that shows up somewhere on your screen, maybe in your web browser, but isn't open in Photoshop?  Well, with this trick you can do that too!  To do this, you'll have to arrange your windows so that you can see your Photoshop document as well as the screen that you want to get the color sample from.  First select your eyedropper tool (keyboard shortcut letter I).  Then click inside your image and drag the eyedropper tool to the color you wish to sample, then release.  Now when you look at your Foreground and Background colors, you'll see the newly-selected color reflected there.  Pretty cool huh?  And easy as pie!

Hope this helps you - and now I really WILL see you next week!


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