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Monday, December 12, 2011
Little glimpses into what we did this past week and weekend here in the studio and Kara's concert. :)
The weekend was half lost because I had a high fever Saturday and spent most of it in bed.  But we tried to make up time for it. :)

Do you like the new blog?  I wanted to make my blog match my website and be 100% my own art.  The coding made me a little nuts last week but I was determined! lol  Spent 19 hours straight on it the one day.  Still tweaking, but almost there.  You might want to scroll to the bottom too. :)  ok, geek in me was really really proud of how I got those to appear and work.  I wanted somewhere people could see content by subjects since I'm usually all over the place playing with my art. :)  Hope you like!

My Kara had her Dance Team Christmas Concert and Kallie tested out my new iPhone taking movies. lol  I couldn't go Saturday as my fever was spiking.  Was very disappointed.  This this is the first time I have ever missed one of my kids concerts.
Still learning how to use the iPhone, and was also difficult because Kara's boyfriend saved seats front row and center, which was a plus, but hard to video.  Here's just one of them, but it's one of my Fav Christmas songs, so it's the one going up!
I also got a new canvas word art piece completed too!    Miss Bailey helped me of course, can't keep her away from the studio when Nana has something going. lol  I took my 8x8 word art pieces and made them fit for the canvas I had on hand.  Gotta love digi!
I already have abetter way to do this learning from the mistakes.  I had basic instructions from someone else to start, but already figured out a better ways to do this after seeing how it went.  Hope to get the other 2 done this week or next weekend.  First I created my inspiration art in digi from my Beautiful Mess 7 kit (funny how that started out from real life art scanned in and now is back into.)  I did create the alpha just for this as I went.  I printed here at home and put onto canvas. We had a lot of fun with this project! But then again, Bailey has fun with anything messy and sticky and has to do with a paint brush. lol
Sorry about the poor photos, but I'm learning how to take these on manual for practice. :)  See girls, I'm trying! LOL Not too bad for my first attempts right? ;)

We also made some new art quilting blocks.  This one is going to be a collage of blocked pieces.  I wanted to try out some different techniques and also some different needle tip bottles I got last week.  Much nicer for sketching with the paint.  And we tried out using the Inktense pencils too on these.  Has it's pluses but still like working with the blocks better for painting.  I found I had to add too much water to the sketched pencil work and that made the color bleed too much for what I wanted, but can think of times I'd like this too.  All play, that's how we learn. :)  This is now sitting on my sewing machine pieced together and ready to quilt.  Now… to come up with a kewl quilt pattern for the open area blocks. :)  Next one is gong to be poppies I think. ;) But Coneflowers and Daisies are my favorite flowers so several of these had to be them.  These are all Christmas gifts this year as cash is a little shorter than we would like.  Think they will like?

Hope you had a creative weekend too!
Feel free to link me up with what you have going on!  Love to see what others are doing in their own little art studios.  Doesn't matter if it's digi, fabric, wood or anything, it's all art!


  1. absolutely beautiful Cilenia, and the dance looks wonderful.

  1. senovia said...:

    Love the new blog, C!!

  1. LisaTaz said...:

    Love all the projects, still hoping for more details on that mounting technique when you work out the kinks, lol. Love the new blog, too!

  1. Darlene said...:

    The blog re-design looks great!! And yay for you for taking pictures in manual! They look really good. Projects are beautiful too (and soooo far out of my comfort zone, LOL).

  1. marcie said...:

    Love the blog re-do and the quilt is gorgeous!!!

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