Playing with a new art quilt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
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I have been really wanting to try my hand at negative watercolor painting, except, if you know me, it's going to involve fabric! lol  So got out my Inktense inks and just ran with it not sure where this was going to go.
I decided to do a 24" x 18" piece to keep it manageable.
The first thing I did was sketch out using white acrylic fluid paint with a 7mm applicator tip.
Bailey snapped this one of me doing it 2 nights ago.  Had to let this dry overnight.

So this is where I spent yesterday afternoon, playing to the muse and even Miss Bailey got into it with me blending colors. This was our first evening.  Sorry, my camera skills are not very good and Nicky isn't here to take her awesome photos! lol  

Close up in my dim light last night.

 Shot at my art table where I've been, just in case you're curious. :)

Today I added more color and now I'm looking at it wondering if I'm done with inks or not. lol  I really like how the flowers are standing out with this negative technique!  
I took it outside to get these shots cause Nicky is always telling me natural light is best for taking pics. (yea and her awesome camera too! lol)  Did my best Nicky, but these pics really don't show as well as I would have liked.  

A couple close ups.  Still wet in some areas, but it will blend a tad more as it dries.

So now I have the big debate… more?  Was thinking maybe some more color spotted above the flowers also to make them pop kind of like I did here of the left towards the bottom, but I am partial to the white space too.  And I want to keep the path of light going too.  Maybe some more leaves and branches blended into the background areas…. hmmm 
Then of course, I will have to add a butterfly, no garden should be without one right Marcie?! 
Maybe a quote… and figure out how I want to quilt this.  :D  Right now I have too many ideas so going to sit back and think about that for a bit.  

Now you KNOW somehow this will end up in a new digi kit right? lol  I do have December's Art Journal challenge to do this week. :) 
Off to "sketch" out a few more ideas.
Stay tuned! Cilenia 


  1. Sue Jones said...:

    I'm loving it. Personally, I'd add a bit more colour just above the flowers but it looks absolutely awesome. This is something I'd love to try one day.

  1. Vicky said...:

    I think it is beautiful the way it is, but I think a tad bit more color would look pretty, too! Definitely on the butterfly! Lookin' good, Cilenia!

  1. senovia said...:

    Wow!! That's all I've got! This is just absolutely GORGEOUS!! I cannot wait to see it in person- in fact, Christmas is coming up (hint hint). ;). (lessons would be good, too.). ;) LOVE!!!!!!!

  1. wow! that's beautiful
    You're making me want to get my paints out, but there's no room for them at the moment with kids now sleeping in what used to be my art space. I need a bigger house.

  1. Paula said...:

    Oh my goodness...that is absolutely FAB! I am in awe! I don't do this sort of creating, (the quilting) so to see this piece is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

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