Technique Thursday - Extracting Photos for Layouts

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Hi there!  Cilenia here posting our Technique Thursday this week!  But I didn't make this one!

We have something special for you today!  Aria is sharing some of her extraction secrets!
She has AWESOME layouts of her photo extractions and I have used her method over and over again!  In fact, it's addicting! LOL  Thank you Aria!  Now… how do I stop? ;)

Here's a couple I just did recently in trying to wrap up my 2010 Family Album for printing.  You can click on the names if you are interested in full credits.  Using my Halloween scenes as backgrounds and Aria's method, I had these plus 4 more done in about an 2 hours and ready to print!  Gotta love it!

I will say, it takes a little practice if you've never done this before… but before you know it, you will be extracting your photos too for some really awesome scrap pages!  I've always loved fantasy pages and have always liked to be able to just take out all that background stuff to make my own scenes.  This method is perfect! 

Miss Bailey here with the green hat as Bride of Frankenstein and Tiger and Eeyore are my newly inherited grand-children from Casey and Jessica below. :)  I guess that makes 10  yes TEN grand-children now!  YIKES!  Am I REALLY old enough for TEN? !

Yes, Casey's sword is a real antique sword.  He collects them!  Made me nervous when he pulled this out for the photo taking!  LOL  

I have only shown the first page here below… but you can download her PDF for the full instructions here.  And thank you Dar for working with Aria and getting this all pretty too!  She's so good! ;)

Off to do some more extracting now!  I have a book to finish!  
Happy Extracting! 


  1. sdwrdt said...:

    Thank you for this referral! When I first began, so no reason for extracting, but now am realizing that there are many reasons one might one to do it.

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