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Saturday, January 22, 2011
And here we are, the last day of our 5 day celebration for our First Year Anniversary!
For today we bring you our last two designers (and their little inspiration designer too!)

First, let's meet
Cilenia is co-owner of the DDS store and it's easy to see that she brings her passion for art into her digital designs. She is an incredibly talented artist and her creations are simply stunning! And nope, she didn't write this part herself and we won't let her delete it!  But we will let her answer the following questions in her own words.  
How did you end up as the owner of a digi scrapping store?
Artistic eyes run in my family, and I've been creating art in some form since I was a child. I also taught myself to create things using computer aided design programs and Photoshop. In 2008, I discovered digital scrapbooking classes at Jessica Sprague and everything clicked together!  You need to ask Weezer about the Control G story!  But now I could use my artistic skills and my computer skills to create digi art!  Within a few months I was asked to design for a shop, but unfortunately they had too many site issues and had to start from scratch, and I began dreaming of opening my own shop.
A little over a year ago, my dreams become reality when I opened my own digi site, with help from my techy brother, Christopher and my savvy mother, Weezer. I wanted a site that was more than just a place to buy digi supplies.I wanted a welcome place to hang out, do creative challenges and be inspired by each other. And we made it happen at!  
What kind of space do you create in?  
I create in my office/studio and you'll usually find 80s rock playing when I'm working there. It inspires me, just as the world around me inspires me. What might surprise you though, is my choice of apparel when I design.  You will usually find me working on my high-tech computers and dual monitors, but dressed in vintage petticoats and peasant tops, with my long, curly hair flowing freely!  And while I draw about 90% of my art by hand, I find I am moving from drawing on paper to my more high tech Wacom tablet. I think this contrast of modern and vintage shows in my designs.
How long have you been scrapping? 
I have been an avid art journaler and have enjoyed sketching children for over 30 years telling stories of life this way. I started scrapping as a teenager in a big brown papered book and stuck just about anything in it. But from the day I first tried digi scrapping, I was hooked!  Now I just try to create digitally what I used to create in traditional scrapping, including using ephemera items, paints and inks. 
Where do you find inspiration?
My inspiration for designing can come from anything that catches my eye -- I look for the art within objects, whether it's an article of clothing, a flower or a piece of furniture. I see the art in the textures, the depths, the colors, the shadows, the aging cracks. Most of my current inspiration comes from playing in paints with my grand-daughter Bailey.  Children are so free flowing and just ooze creativity!   I also find tons of inspiration working with our designers and creative team here!  I just love getting together online in Skype and sharing ideas and learning from each other!  Lynne even has even inspired me into doing my fantasy layouts again!  And collaborating with Veevs is just inspiration in it's self! 
What is your designing style?
My style swings between artistic vintage grunge and a softer, simpler art. I also challenge myself to design outside my comfort zone and find that I am loving the results! My one-of-a-kind art is the trademark of my digital products. My customers seem to love my hand created artwork, as well as the real life textures I have tried to perfect in my papers -- I want my pages to be "touchable."
Do you have other hobbies?
My passion for art includes not only digital designs, but drawing, quilting, painting and restoring historical photos and antique furniture. I love to get my hands dirty in my paints and have created many real life art pieces. You can also find me tending my herb garden or riding my motorcycle. My "day job" was a work-from-home architect and engineer (with 23 years of experience working with Computer Aided Digital Graphics) as another outlet for my creativity. I have also taught Computer Aided Graphics for about 15 years. So it all kind of came together with digi scrapping! 

And now for the one you all have been waiting for!  

Kara & Miss Bailey

We are so excited that Kara recently joined our designing team! And not just because she happens to be Cilenia's daughter (although that part is super cool).  It's because she is an extremely talented artist and brings an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm to our team. Want to know more about this 16 year old digi wonder?  Read on. Trust us, you'll be wrapped up in her enthusiasm by the time you're done, and it's not just because of the 157 exclamation points. 
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi!  I'm Kara and Cilenia is my mom!  Pretty awesome huh?  I'm 16 and go to school full time, of course! I am on my school's Dance Team and I take dance classes too. I love dance and music but can't sing (well, I think I can, but for some reason everyone turns up the music when I do! LOL).  
Kara's first Scrap page alone Age 6
I am all about wanting to help others too. I have been active in our local Street Teens charity for the last four years. It all started when I helped my mom with a "Poker Run" fundraiser for the charity. I raised $1,200!  It was so awesome to be able to do that and it inspired me to do more. I want to start a group with them to help other teens tell their stories.You'll see more about this summer (when I don't have so much homework!).

How long have you been scrapping?  
I have been scrapbooking with my mom and my Grandma Weezer since I was 4 years old. My first book was  "A Day in the Life of Me" at age 6 and my mom chased me around all day and at school with her brand new digital camera taking pictures everywhere!
How did you get started in digi?  
I have always sat by my mom as she played on the computer, and I've been drawing on the computer myself for as long as I can remember! I started doing my own designs on paper when I was 13, and then started learning Photoshop in school at 14. I still have tons to learn, but I have the really "kewl" (as my mom would say) advantage of living with an expert. She can't run and hide from me!  LOL!
Where do you find inspiration?
That's EASY!  Watching my mom paint in her Studio!
Kara's 1st scrap page hybrid with mom.  I stuck the stickers,
Mom drew the flowers and I did all the rest.  March 2004
Do you have other hobbies?
I love to sew and cook!  I am working on my very first quilt by myself (well, I do still bug my mom sometimes for help!). I belong to a "Block of the Month" club at my fav quilt shop. My sister, Kallie, is the one who got me into cooking. She's "all that" when it comes to cooking!  She should be a chef!

What is your favorite tool in Photoshop?  In real life for art or scrapping?
Control G! I love clipping to masks!  In real life, I love my sketch book, inks and pencils.  Couldn't live without them!

Do you have a favorite layout?  
My all time fav page is my A page!!!  "A is for All That!"  We made it together with the For the Love of Art kit and it is sooo me!  You can see it here if you want to!  (Hey mom? put in that linky thingie here, ok?  Thanks!)

What is your best advice for aspiring digi scrappers or designers?
PLAY  PLAY PLAY!  You can't hurt anything by playing. Besides, that Control Z key ROCKS!  Or is it Control-Alt Z Z Z Z  for when I REALLY mess it up!?!  LOL!  And if I really, really mess up, into the trash it goes!  I just start with a fresh canvas!  

And we couldn't forget little Miss Bailey!  She wanted to make sure you all got to see her "Please can we paint Nana?" look.  Along with her latest creation she is working on!

And the three of them worked together to bring you today's freebie! 
You'll find it FREE in the shop's category of Freebies & other Sweets! Hurry though…it's only free for 2 days!


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