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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Q is for Quilting ok, so I'm biased here and LOVE to quilt!  I did this page for a challenge but never had it printed… shame on me!  But now I know why?  It was waiting for this book!  Going to add the Q Monogram to the page and add it to my ABC Book. :)

ok, I think Lynne just showed us the power of extractions with this page!  WOW! I know I've referred to this page before, but I just love it!  She found two words and used them in this so true quote.  Ready to be amazed?  Read to your children!  There's a magical look about this page with the glimmer and the vintage book together with the child sitting in the book that is so true about reading to our children.  Wonderful job Lynne!

EDIT:  Michelle worked so hard on getting me an R layout, I didn't have the heart to tell her how I messed up and jumped one letter ahead and forgot P.  (hiding behind the chair now ducking).

So here is Michelle's awesome page she did putting off coloring her Turkey for Turkey day. I really luv how she captured her children sitting and reading together in a rare moment! And she put this LO together so beautifully!  She is quite the digi stash shopper if you don't know her.  ;)

I know Q can be a harder word for many (as there are not any in our ABC Gallery yet),  so let's see if we can spark an idea with some Q words to help you with your pages. 
Quaint - Maybe a B&B you visited was a quaint and quiet place? Or a special restaurant?
Quack - I know one of Bailey's fav places is the duck park.  I can see using this word for one of her pages.
Quad - Have a math or Science wiz who thinks in quads? Quadrangle, Quarks or Quantum theory.  This is SO my 6 year old grand-con and yes, he can tell you all about them!
Or have you had a Quantum Leap in learning, or an idea lately?  Have a musician who can play a Quadruplet with ease? I know my tiny hand can't and I can play the piano!  Do you live in a Quadplex? Maybe a page about your neighborhood?     
Quattrocento - Are you listening Kathleen? 15th century of Italian art or architecture. Bet you have photos of that from your trip to Italy!
How about a trip to Quebec? Or do you have a little Queen in your house?  Do you have a Quest you are working on?

R is for?
Ramble - I tend to do that… a LOT! lol  Race - My best bud races his motorcycle and I have lots of pics of him.  Or how about our kids?  Racing their bikes, scooters, big wheels (do they make those still?)
Have a Radiologist in the family?  Been Rafting lately?  Hold a Raffle lately? Or maybe you won a raffle?  Rag!  Grand-ma used to put my mom's hair in rag curls, my mom put mine in rag curls and I used to put my darling Kallie's hair up in rag curls all the time and now she does it with her daughter!  Have the cutest pics of the two of them doing this that would make a great page! And I could journal all about rag curls of the generations.  brb  Had to make notes for that page! LOL

ok, you get the idea!  Have some more?  Be sure to share them with us here.  When you're done with your pages, be sure to hook us up with a link or post in the ABC Series gallery so we can show you some love!
till later, 


  1. senovia said...:

    Great ideas!

  1. Jody said...:

    Where is the latter "P"?

  1. Cilenia said...:

    oops! ok, someone send me back to Kindergarten! LOL
    I will get you P ASAP! Thanks Jody!

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