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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Hi there again!
 Whoo Hoo!  We are half way through our ABC book Series!  
Today is all about the Ns and Os in our lives.
Michelle did this really cute two page spread and used October for her O page.  What a great idea to make a monthly family page and capture the life's moments so well.
Love the way she is keeping her whole book with a consistent look and theme by using the ABC Templates and the Monogram Alpha, but each page has been it's own art and story in it's own right!  
Here she really used so many items we can't even list them all so you'll have to check it out in the ABC Gallery from her post where she has listed every little item for us.  
Love the way she used the Flowery Writing papers to set the color tone of this spread and added items from Art Palette, Autumn Time Glimmers and Summer's Edge elements to compliment it!  Just came together beautifully! 

  N is for Night by Katemac has and some awesome night shots with her camera for her N word.  I am in awe of her photography skills and this page is a nice tribute to her reaching her goal of learning how to capture night scenes. She also is keeping a consistent theme using the Templates and Monograms.

So what are some other different ideas we can come up with for N and O?
Nachos!  One of my kids favorite things.  I could see a page about a family night making their creations of nachos easily.
Of course we can't forget Nana!  (That's me in case you didn't know LOL).  A page all about some things I love to share with my grand-children being Nana!
Name - What's in a name? Could create a page with the history of our name or surname.  Always an interesting topic.
Narrative - Thought this might be a cute page narrating a story of one of my grand-children or from a elder relative.  Or even to use Narrator for a story as told by…  My Miss Bailey is always telling me cute stories.
Then we have Navy, NASCAR, Nature, Natural, Native American (my Kara is 1/4 Black Foot Native American so this could fit well to make a page on her heritage).   
Did you have a Natural childbirth? Kudos if you did!   How about Nebula? My Kara is VERY into Astronomy!  She could do a whole book on that along and bet she could do it with an ABC style she knows so much about it!
Then of course we have Numbers… and Nine, Ninety, and Nineteenth, Nineteenth Century, Ninth Hole (for all your golfers).
Ok.. how about O?
How about Object?  Could create a page with all the objects we love… or objects that make our life nicer or easier or that are part of our daily lives that we either take for granted or just couldn't live without.   Or maybe it's more of an Obsession?  And how Observant are we really of our surroundings and these objects?  And how did we Obtain them?  A story about obtaining some fondly loved objects that we now have a little obsession over maybe? :) ok, that's me again and my Flea Market finds! LOL  Guess we know what my O page should be Obviously!

Of course we have Ocean - love the ocean and have fond memories of it! (As I'm stuck in this desert!)
Some more to ponder upon:  Occupation, Ocher (one of my fav colors!)  For all you racing fans or racers how about Octane ratings?   Octopus for a trip to the aquarium.   Odd, or oddball, or odds of winning the lottery if you're into that.  Off-day, journal about it!  
And that tiny little word we have used here a lot that could be made huge in some word art… OR?  This OR that, today OR tomorrow, or the words we seem to say so often to our children, "Do it OR else!" :)

Ok, time to run and finish up Technique Thursday's post.  Hope we've inspired you and gave you some good ideas for some little different ABC pages for your N and O today.
Till next time, 


  1. masv said...:

    Is this actually an 8X8 book or is the image size 8X8. Wondering about trying to use it for a 8.5 X 11 book.

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Hi Masv
    Everyone is doing different sizes to fit their tastes. Mine is 12x12, many are doing 8x8 and some have converted to 8.5x11. If you mean the templates, they are sized 8x8. BUT, you could easily resize your canvas to 8.5x11 and just moved everything around. The beauty of a PSD layered template. :)
    Hope you decide to join us! It's been a fun project to do! SO many awesome inspirations in the ABC Series Gallery!

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