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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
So when I was reminded about my forgotten P, my darling Miss Bailey says "Nana, you need to go back to Kindergarten!" So true so true! LOL

So I asked Miss Bailey what her P words would be.  "Please" was the first thing out of her mouth. :D  Then she said, Play, Playmate, Popcorn, and Promise.  I said those were good words! Then she looked up at me and said, " Please if I promise to play nice with my playmate, can I have some Popcorn?"  Yea, she's only just turned 6!  Wow!   I quickly grabbed my Scrapbook Sparks booklet and wrote it down.  

What's my Scrapbook Sparks booklet?  Well it's this little notebook I keep always with me and when I get an idea for a scrap page I jot it down.   I promise, I will have this for you later today with a little file and video so you make your own too.  I'll even scan in my current one so you can see how I use mine. :) Will be the Technique Thursday post posted early as I will be busy cooking and enjoying the family here for Thanksgiving.   I also have one I use for listing Gratitudes and Miss Kara has one for her school and tutoring planner.  I will show you examples of all. Promise! lol

Back to our P Words. 
Lynnea had a wonderful page for P I found in the gallery.  P is for Pancakes!  What a wonderful capture of a family tradition!  Grandma making pancakes with the grand-children!  Just LUV how she did this page!  Find it here in the ABC Gallery with all her credits and leave her a little luv.  She really did an awesome job!  Can we say "Scraplift?" 

So what are some other P words?  
Peacemaker - Do you have one in your family?  Or maybe you have a Packrat?  (insert my boyfriend's name here lol).  Not a hoarder mind you… but keeps the most useless stuff for the "One day".  
How about Package? Did you get a sweet little package in the mail that you were anxiously awaiting? 
Paddles - for boating that is, not the wooden spoon that was known as "Mom's Paddle".
Painful - Maybe scrap about a painful memory, but how you overcame the pain and healed.
PAINT!  Of course you knew this would be in here.  Luv my paints, couldn't live without them.  I personally could scrap a book about this and how I'm inspired by color and textures of all kinds of different paints.  Maybe even use those free paint chips from the DIY store that I have somehow collected a box of. LOL  Yes, I really really like colors and paint! (brb, jotting down again in my little Sparks book!) LOL  That was a kewl idea I just had to do!  (See how that booklet works and can be so handy?)

Painted Ladies - no, not the street kind… the Victorian houses of the 19th century.  I used to restore these to their historical beauty and studied the color palettes used.  Was a true passion of mine. (another good P word, Passion).  I've gone on many tours too of these wonderful homes and could scrap some of my favorites.

Here are some more P words to spark maybe a thought or idea:  Palm Tree, (from a vacation maybe, mine are in the backyard and I have come to not like them so much.  PAIN to trim and sharp little suckers).  How about Pan for the cook or chief?   Peaches, peachy (for a feeling), yes, showing my age here!  Peak - I climbed Pikes Peak as a teen with the Youth for Christ organization.  Peanut Butter - One of my FAV snacks! Peanut Gallery - Every house has one that tries to chime in!  Pearl, Pears, Pleasant, Pecan Pie! (Thinking about making one for Thanksgiving.)  Pedals, for your bicycle or your flower passions.  Peek, Peek-a-Boo - could be a great page about a baby in your life playing Peek-a-Boo with you.    Peeps - an idea for all your friends.  Penalty Box for your hockey player.  Personality - you could list someone's personality traits and journal about how much personality they have.  Penny Loafers - Penny Royal (an herb I love), Penny Pincher, ummm, not me sadly.  Pentagon, did you visit?  Puppy, Pub, Publish, Maybe you got published! Puddles, that could be a fun page of playing in puddles after a rain.  I know we all have done it.

So hopefully I gave you some good ideas today for your P pages.  Add yours if you like in the comments too and be sure to link us up to your layout when you get it done. I luv seeing all of them!

Till next time!


  1. senovia said...:

    That's such a cute story about Miss Bailey!! She's awesome!

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