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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Layers and Blending... I've been working on Kara's book lately called "Land of Fae". It's all the little stories she used to tell me when she was a little girl of her fairy friends in the gardens. I've kept a journal of all her stories and when she would describe the little fairies or elves I would draw them for her in this book.

Now that I'm finally putting it into a "real" book I've scanned in many of my sketches and extracted them for the pages. What I found fun was to play with these pencil and ink sketches and try different blending modes and playing with the layers.

My challenge to you today is to play with some masks, borders, sketches... whatever you may have and create different effects. You might be surprised at your results!

The wings and elves here are all simple sketches extracted with the blending modes changed and some are even doubled up for a total different effect when one wasn't quit what I wanted. Many many possibilities! This is also how I sometimes create new papers too by this same method... blending, burning, changing opacity... the list can go on forever... but if you don't play you never know what you can create.

Here's my page for the front of her book. I have it uploaded in the gallery HERE if you want to see the credits used.


  1. farabee said...:

    You do gorgeous work! You will be famous someday!

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